Course Objectives

  1. Review on Content and Slide Design

o Formatting Texts

o Formatting Slide Backgrounds

  • Editing Background Gradient Fill Color
  • Editing Background Picture/Texture Fill
  • Applying Artistic Effects

o Formatting Images

  • Adding/Editing Images
  • Using ScreenShot Option
  • Creating Photo Album
  • Using Picture Tools and Shape Effects
  • Using SmartArt
  • Using the Group/Ungroup Option
  • Advanced Picture Formatting

o Creating Tables

  • Making Tables
  • Inserting MS Excel Spreadsheet
  • Changes in Making Tables and Charts

o Adding Headers/Footers


  1. Review on PowerPoint Options

o The Backstage View

o Printing Options

  • Printing Handouts
  • Printing as PDF

o Editing the Quick Access Toolbar

o Exploring Advanced PowerPoint Options

o Saving Slides as Images

o PowerPoint 2003- 2007-2010 Compatibility Outcomes

o Protection and Security Options

  • Marking as Final
  • Adding Digital Signature


III. Merging Presentations

o Using the Merge Functionality

o Adding Comments


  1. Setting Up Slide Shows

o Presenter View

o Changing Slide Show Settings

o Hiding Slides

o Using Hyperlinks to Navigate Slides

o Recording Slide Shows

  • Recording Timings, Narration, and Slide Actions
  • Editing/Playing Recordings
  • Rehearsing Timings
  • Troubleshooting Narration/Recording Issues

o MS Powerpoint Broadcast Service

  • Creating Windows Live ID
  • Broadcasting a Presentation