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Working with Excel Documents

Module I : The Excel 2013 Interface

- The 2013 Ribbon, Tabs, and the Quick Access Toolbar

- The Backstage View

- Customizing the Interface

Exploring Excel Options

Customizing Quick Access Toolbar

- Customizing Views

Freezing/Splitting Windows

Exploring Different Worksheet Views

Saving Workspaces

Module II : Formatting Cells

- Review on Basic Formatting and Changes in 2013

- Using Table Styles and Cell Styles

- Using Themes


Module III. Adding and Editing Images

- Inserting Images

- Using Picture Tools and Picture Effects

- Using SmartArt Graphics

- Using the Screenshot Tool

- Adding Headers and Footers


Module IV : Security Options

- Protecting Cell Contents and Worksheets

- Editing Permissions

- Protecting the File

- Using the Signature Line

- Creating Digital Signatures


Module V : Sharing Options

- Allowing Multiple Users to Edit Workbooks

- Tracking Changes


Module VI : Printing Options

- Exploring the Page Layout Tab

- Using the Print Titles Tool


Working with Excel Data

Module VII : Review on Basic MS Excel Functions

- Review of Basic Arithmetic Functions

Mathematical Functions

The COUNT Family

- Review on Cell Content- Related Functions/Tools

Concatenating and Splitting Cell Contents

Extracting Cell Contents

- Creating IF Statements

- Dealing with Errors


Module VIII : Working with Lookups and References

- Basic Lookup Functions

- Advanced Lookup Functions


Module IX : Working with Math, Date, and Time Functions

- Math Functions

- Time and Date Formulas


Module X : Combining Formulas

- The Boolean Functions

- Nested IF Functions

- Advanced Creating of Formulas Exercise


Module XI : Formula Auditing

- Tracing Dependents and Precedents

- Evaluating Formulas

- Using the Watch Window

- Calculation Options


Module XII : Analysis Tools

- Using Goal Seek

- Using the Scenario Manager

- Using Data Tables


Module XIII : Conditional Formatting

- Exploring Conditional Formatting in Excel 2013

Review on Conditional Formatting

Data Bars, Color Scales, and Icon Sets

Creating Formula- Based Formatting


XIV. Creating Charts

- Changes in Making Charts in 2013

- Designing Combination Charts

- Introduction to Sparklines


Module XV: Database Management

- Review on Data Validation Options

Adding Input Messages

Designing Error Alerts

- Working with Duplicates

Review on Dealing with Duplicates

Introduction to Advanced Filtering Tool

Using a Function to Identify Duplicates

Remove Duplicates Tool

- Using the Consolidate Tool

- Using the Outline Tools

- Using Flash Fill

- Advanced Filtering

Creating Criteria Ranges

Using Advanced Filtering


Module XVI : PivotTables and PivotCharts

- Creating PivotTables and PivotCharts

- Designing PivotTables and PivotCharts

- Using Slicers and Timelines


Module XVII : Exporting and Importing Data

- Exporting and Importing Text Files

- Microsoft Query Overview

- Using Connection Files


Module XVIII : Web and Internet Features

- Saving as a Webpage

- Using Hyperlinks



Module XIX : Creating Macros

- Exploring Macro Security

- Recording and Running a Macro

Using Relative Reference

- Assigning a Macro to an Image or Button

- Exploring Ways to Use Macros