Comptia A+ training is an entry level program that is vendor neutral. In this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of computer technology, repair, basic networking, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops, and related hardware.


Module 1:  Motherboards and expansion cards

Topic A:  Safety procedures

Topic B:  Motherboards

Topic C:  BIOS settings

Topic D:  Expansion cards

Module 2:  CPUs and power supplies

Topic A:  CPUs

Topic B:  Power supplies

Module 3:  Memory and physical storage

Topic A:  Memory

Topic B:  Storage devices and media

Module 4:  Connections

Topic A:  Connection interfaces

Topic B:  Connectors and cables

Module 5:  Peripheral devices

Topic A:  Display devices

Topic B:  Peripheral devices

Module 6:  Printers

Topic A:  Imaging processes

Topic B:  Printer installation

Topic C:  Printer maintenance

Module 7:  Notebooks

Topic A:  Notebook hardware components

Topic B:  Notebook displays

Topic C:  Laptop features

Module 8:  Networking basics

Topic A:  Networks

Topic B:  Internet connection types

Topic C:  Network devices

Module 9:  The physical network

Topic A:  Network cable and connector types

Topic B:  Cable and connector properties

Topic C:  Networking tools

Module 10:  Networking protocols

Topic A:  TCP/IP

Topic B:  Ports and protocols

Module 11:  Wireless networking

Topic A:  Wireless networking standards

Topic B:  Wireless SOHO networking

Module 12:  Professional conduct

Topic A:  Communication and professionalism

Topic B:  Environmental issues

Topic C:  Incident response

  • Windows 7: Basic
  • Windows Vista: Basic
  • Windows XP: Basic