This course combines Management and Project Management concepts that will help your group to put a structure in your organizational projects.

Duration: (16 hours)


Module 1 :Management Overview

  • Defining Management
  • Understanding Management Functions (Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling)
  • Identifying Managerial Roles (Interpersonal, Informational, and Decisional)

Module 2: Project Management Overview

  • Reviewing project successes and their inherent characteristic
  • Understanding the factors that contribute to project failure and how project management disciplines and processes target these areas to ensure repeatable delivery success
  • Defining a project and project management
  • Exploring project management parameters
  • Critical skills for successful project management

Module 3: Project Life Cycle

  • Examining life cycles and their significance within a project environment
  • Examining phase activities, milestones and gates
  • Identifying phase deliverables and their importance for ultimate project success

Module 4: Project Initiation

  • Developing the project charter
  • Identifying and analyzing key stakeholders

Module 5: Project Planning

  • Scoping the project – understanding and defining the scope, and obtaining key stakeholder signoff
  • Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and scheduling
  • Understanding the Critical Path and how a Project Manager utilizes it for greater project control
  • Establishing a project baseline, against which to track progress

Module 6: Project Planning (con't)

  • Identifying risks and planning risk responses
  • Conducting/contributing to quality planning

Module 7: Project Execution and Control

  • Tracking and controlling the project
  • Using earned value to report progress
  • Applying a disciplined change control management method
  • Managing risks and issues
  • Managing project quality
  • Reporting and communication

Module 8: Project Closing

  • Conducting formal project closure
  • Reviewing post implementation – gathering, documenting and assimilating lessons learned