After Basic Excel and you want to learn about Lookup, IF, Pivot, this course is for you.

Module I : Review of Essential Excel Functions

  • Basic Arithmetic Formulas (SUM, AVERAGE, etc)
  • Excel Interface and Navigation Techniques
  • Text Functions: LEFT, RIGHT, UPPER, LOWER, TRIM, etc
  • Math Functions: COUNTIF, SUMIF, RANK, etc
  • Basic Logical Functions: IF, IFERROR,  AND, OR
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Basic Lookup Functions

Module II : Intermediate Functions

  • Statistical and Mathematical Functions
  • Advanced Lookup Functions
  • Advanced IF Statements
  • Advanced Formula Making

Module III :  Database Management

  • Review of Basic Database Management
    • Text- to- Columns
    • Data Validation
      • Creating Basic Dropdown Lists
      • Other Data Validation Options
  • Consolidation Tools
    • Creating 3D Formulas
    • Consolidation Tool
  • Using Groups and Subtotals

Module IV : Charting

  • Review of Basic Chart Elements
    • Gridlines
    • Axes
    • Data Tables
    • Data Labels
    • Legends
  • Making Combination Charts
  • Tables

Module V : Conditional Formatting

  • Applying Conditional  Formatting
  • Data Bars, Color Scales, and Icon Sets

Module VI : Security and Sharing Options

  • Protecting Cell Contents and Worksheets
  • Protecting the File
  • Sharing and Exporting Worksheets

Module VII :  Advanced PivotTables

  • Creating  PivotTables
  • Modifying Value Field Settings
  • Other PivotTable Features
  • PivotCharts
  • Slicers