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This course will provide a solid foundation for a career in business analysis. We explore the strategy, phases, components and process a BA uses to develop a project. From conducting an enterprise analysis to assessing the solution's implementation.

Duration: (24 hours)


There is a faster and easier way to document current business processes! Have a clear understanding on how each of your business processes will effectively support your operations. Identify bottlenecks, problem areas, redundancies and misunderstandings between IT and users.


In just three days, a direct application of what you learned may immediately be used in the workplace. Learning textbook theories may not be applied once you get back in your offices. This workshop will ensure through its practical methodology and hands-on exercises that what you will learn may at once be used.


Introduction to Business

  1. Evolution of Business
  2. Organization: Business/Service
  3. Business/Service Processes (Workshop 1)
  4. Business Analysis
  5. BABOK Guide and IIBA
  6. Definition of Business Analysis
  7. BABOK Knowledge Areas
  8. Enterprise Analysis
  9. Solution Assessment & Validation

Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring

  1. Elicitation
  2. Requirements Analysis
  3. Requirements Management & Communications

Underlying Competencies

  1. Business Analysis Process
  2. Analyze the Business/Service Organization (Workshop 2)
  3. a) SWOT analysis: 7S, PESTLE
  4. b) Gap Analysis: PQA, ISO
  5. Formulate Solution & Define Scope

Plan & Elicit Requirements

  1. Analyze & Document Requirements
  2. Evaluate Requirements
  3. Finalize and Get Approval of Deliverables

Business Analyst

  1. Role & Skills
  2. Internal Partners
  3. Project
  4. Definition & Features
  5. Portfolio of Projects
  6. Strategic Planning Process
  7. Strategic Plan Framework, Balanced Scorecard

Strategies and Initiatives/Programs (Workshop 3)

  1. Project Selection Criteria
  2. Alignment of Project with Strategy
  3. Product Description
  4. Project Management
  5. Definition
  6. Project Management Process
  7. Project Plan (Workshop 4)
  8. Flowcharting and Other Tools
  9. MUDA
  10. Types of Flowcharts
  11. Project Manager
  12. Key Role
  13. Leadership Skills

Project Team

  1. Right Attitudes
  2. Technical Competencies


CEOs, CIOs and their teams, HR Heads, Finance & Accounting Heads, Auditors

Managers, Supervisors and business professionals who want to explore an alternative in IT Business Analysis, Design and Solutions.