English in the Workplace Speaking Module is a 24-hour course specifically designed to progressively challenge participants to grow in confidence in the use of English in day to day communication activities in the workplace. It is for people who have basic knowledge of the English language but who do not have enough opportunity to use it at work. They would like to use English in a greater number of situations, and improve their fluency and confidence in using the language.

Duration: 24 hours


How’s your Business English?

The global market continues to demand higher standards of communication among businesses? be they large or small. Local corporations need to keep up with those standards if they wish to remain competitive.

It is against this backdrop that the Map? English Language Center conceptualized a series of modules on Workplace English. The modules both strengthen English communication skills foundation of participants and progressively develop such skills. The aim is to help them gain greater confidence and effectiveness in carrying out communication-related tasks in the workplace.



By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

recognize the rightful place of English in the context of one’s work;
identify the barriers to confident speaking;
identify personal strengths and weaknesses in communicating in English;
practice principles and techniques in effective speaking and group interaction;
present information, concepts, and ideas in English ;
explore communication strategies appropriate for use in a professional environment;
improve the level of confidence in using English in day-to-day interactions;
review basic grammar rules; and,
appreciate the importance of practicing ethical communication.


This course is for you if you:

… have some trouble expressing yourself and being understood in English.
… have some difficulty initiating conversations.
… become very anxious at the thought of having to speak before a group.
… would like some help in improving your intonation in English.

We are also offering the following courses upon request:

Basic Workplace English Module 2 (Writing)
Advanced Workplace English Module 1 (Speaking)