To give the participants a clear and compelling overview and purpose to adopt their versions of Toyota-lean management and what it can deliver for ambitious organizations when executed well. It also aims to create an environment where future certified lean leaders (lean trainers, lean coaches, lean auditors, and lean consultants) can thrive---and where lean certification for business establishments and government offices can take place.

Duration: (16 hours)

 Module 1: The Global Diffusion

Why lean management will be the management construct in the next 50 years.

Module 2: Lean Global Benchmark

Toyota is Japan’s first and only trillion Yen company---and the most studied company in the world.

Module 3: Local Diffusion

Five lean sectors: lean manufacturing, lean service, lean academe, lean government, and lean military.

Module 4: Toyota-Lean Culture

A culture of excellence or a culture of continuous improvement.

Module 5: Lean Thinking meets Lean Principles

Why your beliefs will drive organizational success

Module 6: Lean Leadership at All Levels

Leadership the Toyota Way applied to all industries

Module 7: Toyota-Lean Language

More than 100 unique Japanese terms used in Toyota jobsites that you can apply in your area.

Module 8: Lean Tools and Methodologies

Hoshin, Standardization, Kaizen, Kanban, Just-in-Time, Jidoka, TPM, 5S, etc.

Methodology: lectures, exercises, discussions