This course will teach you how to maximize a project management tool in scheduling resources.

Module I

Project Management Overview

  • Plan the project
  • Understanding project management

Module II

Microsoft Project 2010 Overview

  • Explore the MS Project Interface 2010
  • Understanding the Ribbon Interface
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Creating a New File
  • Using Project Templates
  • Entering Project Information
  • Set the Working Time Calendar
  • Create a New Calendar
  • Correcting Spelling and Using Undo or Redo
  • Adjusting Timescale
  • Saving the Project File
  • Saving a Baseline Plan
  • Saving an Interim Plan
  • Using the Project Guide
  • Getting Help
  • Review

Module III

Enter and Schedule the Task List

  • Enter a Task
  • Enter Task Durations
  • Creating a Milestone
  • Copying, Moving, Inserting and Deleting a Task
  • Creating Recurring Tasks
  • Organizing the Task List
  • Using Task Information and Task Notes
  • Linking and Unlinking Tasks
  • Splitting Tasks
  • Overlap or Delay Tasks
  • Define Task Type
  • Scheduling
  • Setting Task Deadlines and Constraints
  • Assigning Task Calendar
  • Task Indicators
  • Review

Module IV

Enter and Assign Resources and Costs

  • Creating a Resource List
  • Entering Resource Availability
  • Grouping Resources
  • Changing Resource Schedules
  • Assigning Work Resources
  • Assigning Material Resources
  • Entering Costs
  • Entering Fixed Costs
  • View Costs
  • Review

Module V

Different Views

  • Using Common Views
  • Viewing Sorted Information
  • Viewing Grouped Tasks
  • Viewing Grouped Resources
  • Viewing Task Filters
  • Viewing Resource Filters
  • Using Auto Filters
  • Viewing the Project’s Critical Path
  • Viewing Task or Resource Details
  • Printing a View
  • Printing the Current View as a Report
  • Review

Module VI

Update and View Project Progress

  • Updating Tasks
  • Updating Resources
  • Updating Costs
  • Checking Duration Variance
  • Checking Work Variance
  • Checking Cost Variance
  • Viewing Project Statistics
  • Checking Earned Value
  • Identify and Fixed Project Trouble Spots

Module VII

Balancing Project Progress

  • Identifying Resource Overallocation
  • Balancing Resource Automatically
  • Balancing Resources Manually
  • Reassigning Work to Another Resource
  • Scheduling Resource Overtime

Module VIII

Working with Reports

  • Choosing a Report
  • Using Report Details
  • Defining Report Contents
  • Sorting a Report
  • Adding Page Elements to a Report
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Printing Views
  • Review

Module IX

Working with Multiple Projects

  • Consolidating Projects
  • Creating Links Between Projects
  • Sharing a Resource Pool
  • Viewing Multiple Project Critical Paths
  • Saving a Workspace
  • Review

Module X

Customizing the Project

  • Changing the Bar Styles
  • Creating Custom Groups
  • Creating Custom Filters
  • Creating Custom Tables
  • Creating Custom Forms
  • Creating a Custom Report
  • Creating a Custom View
  • Using the Organizer
  • Add Hyperlinks to Tasks and Resources
  • Review